School and community gardens

Across our region, communities are coming together to grow and share fresh produce in community gardens. These gardens are places of connection for many people, and provide opportunities to make friends and learn from others about growing fresh, healthy food.

Find local producers

Check out Open Food Network’s map of local producers:

Community Food Gardens

20+ community food gardens across the region.

Download the ‘Home Grown’ booklet here

Or check out the Bendigo Regional Food Alliance website, here

Schools and Early Learning Centres

Many schools and early learning centres are part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

Bendigo’s Food System

The City is leading the development of Greater Bendigo’s first Food System Strategy – to support a healthy, local food system and improve the health and wellbeing of our community. Work towards a healthy local food system for our city and region has been going on for many years, as the projects, events and conferences listed on this timeline show.

Schools and early learning centres are also using kitchen gardens to teach children about growing food, helping to form lifelong healthy habits and a love of fresh produce. There are 35 Stephanie Alexander School Kitchen Gardens in the region plus scores of other independent kindergarten and school and kitchen gardens.

One early learning centre in Bendigo is even transforming an 800 sq house block into a full kitchen garden for the centre in an effort to reduce ‘bought’ food and to cook more genuinely in a seasonal manner.