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Yalla-Y-poora Grove , Newbridge, 3516 3551
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Year Olive trees planted: 2001
Farming practice: Demeter Certified Biodynamic (the premium form of organic certification)
The word Yalla-y-poora is an Aboriginal derivative which roughly translates to small trees. Christopher Clark and Jenny Bellew obtained the endorsement of the elders of the Dja Dja Wrung people to call their grove this as theirs is a vital young olive grove inspired by the desire to farm purely and is committed to creating single variety oils and (eventually) table olives of superior quality and flavor.
Their oils are characterized by their unique and complex flavors rounded with a delightfully light bitterness and pungency. In the last 3 years they have been awarded 5 silver and bronze awards in various shows around Australia.
“May we encourage you to drizzle our oils on all good food and enjoy.”
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