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Creativity and Innovation Sustainability

Why food and wine co-operatives are thriving in the Bendigo gastronomy region

When Tim Sproal first started making wine, it was in the self-professed “garage-style” of winemaking. “I started with two mates, bought a second-hand milk vat and a tonne of grapes,” Tim says. “It was a scrappy set up, but I was hooked from the beginning. I quickly saw a model where if you have a […]

by admin • May 21, 2020
First Nations Gastronomy

How one Bendigo restaurant is supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs

The taste of the Australian bush is captured beautifully in the Dja Wonmuruk teas.

by admin • May 14, 2020

The Heathcote wineries going off-grid

One of the things that makes the Heathcote region so exciting for wine lovers is how local winemakers are prioritising the environmental sustainability of their vineyards.

by admin • May 7, 2020
Creativity and Innovation Gastronomy

All abuzz: How Bendigo Tech School is helping solve food challenges

Saving the world’s bee population may seem like an lofty goal, but a ground-breaking partnership between Victoria’s Tech Schools and Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, is turning the impossible into the possible.

by admin • April 30, 2020
Gastronomy Health and Wellbeing

Inside PepperGreen Farm – a healthy food hub

Close to the heart of Bendigo and set on an immensely significant and historic five-acre site, PepperGreen Farm is a social enterprise that employs around 100 people with disabilities.

by admin • April 23, 2020
Creativity and Innovation Gastronomy

Behind the scenes: How Bendigo’s artisans are responding to COVID-19

It was watching the news and seeing the lengthy queues outside Centrelink offices that prompted Dave Jenkins into action. “I saw what was happening to everyone as a result of the coronavirus and I got extremely emotional and started crying,” he says. “I asked myself what I could do to help that was quick and […]

by admin • April 3, 2020