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Factory 2B 100 Northern Highway , Echuca, VIC 3564
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Local Stockists, Cellar door
Our story

Bandicoot is a 100% independent family owned brewery producing a large array of award-winning beers.
In an age where many craft breweries are now being created with major backing or bankrolling and exist only for the objective to make money.  Bandicoot stands out from the crowd with its foundations built on just one family’s insatiable passion for great beer.  Built in a time when beer choice didn’t exist Bandicoots dream was to change that and create a range of quality beers that will awaken the tastebuds.
To create great beers, you need a great brewery.  So that was the first step.  Every part of the brewery was carefully thought out, planned and meticulously installed, and with a lot of hard work the dream became a reality.

Their relentless passion continues as they continue brewing new beers and striving to give consumers choice.

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