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Our story

Ownership of Pure Bendigo Gold Honey was passed to the Drake family in 2012. The business is run by the owners—Martin, Lynda and son Lachlan Drake.

What we Do.

From our humble beginnings as honey packers, working from the farm in Kangaroo Flat. Bendigo Honey has evolved to become a producer of variety of liquids and syrups, in over 110 different skews. For both our own brands and some of Australia’s top retail names.

Our History.

It all begins with honey! Australia produces some of the most sort after honey in the world. A passion for providing this high quality honey is how Bendigo Honey started. And to this day honey still remains our staple product. With our supermarket brand “Pure Bendigo Gold Honey” and our new “Bendigo Honey” Raw range of honeys.

We travel around Victoria, southern NSW and South Australia talking to other beekeepers and purchasing only their best honey. The majority of which comes from apiarist located within 100km from Bendigo.

Once the honey arrives at our facility. It is subjected to colour and flavour profile sensory testing. And sorted to its suitability as either Raw honey, traditional retail honey or into various flavour and colour profiles for food producers where it is a key ingredient in the delicious products they make.

Our Pure Bendigo Gold Honey is gently warmed and filtered to take out all the twigs, parts of bees, wax and large pollen. Once it has been filtered it is put into jars, or bottles. Then sent into retailers across Australia.

Our Bendigo Honey Raw Range is taken straight from the hive, run through a course strainer to remove full size bees and packed into glass jars. Due to the unprocessed nature of this product it may contain pollen and is much more likely to crystallise in the jar.

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