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Our story

In their courting days in 1985 Mark Gilmore and Christine Stevens planted the initial Gilmore Vineyard. This occurred after many late night discussions over some outstanding wine with Graeme Leith and Sue McKinnon at Passing Clouds.

The Gilmores owned a block north of the Kingower Creek which Graeme advised was well suited to growing red wine grapes.

After the bonding experience of establishing a vineyard over a very wet, windy and cold winter, Mark and Christine subsequently married. Over the next 25 years with the help of their daughters Kerryn and Jessica, plus family and friends, they grew their unirrigated Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, the fruit going to Passing Clouds

The Kingower Vineyard South of the creek was established around the same time with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot planted by Bill and Margaret Humphries.
Mark and Christine purchased the Kingower Vineyard in 2012 .

Winemaking expert Cam Leith makes the handpicked fruit from the two Gilmore vineyards on either side of the creek into this “Both Banks” red wine . Aged in French Oak it shows characteristic strong fruit flavours, typically produced by the old vines growing in the rich Red Clay and alluvial creek bank soils here at Kingower.

The Riparian Zone the vines grow in, adds depth and complexity to the strong berry fruit characteristics. Often a hint of mint is visible as the grapes grow in Kingower protected by the surrounding Forest Eucalypts

Tastings are available by appointment

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