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59 Franklings Road , Harcourt North, VIC 3453
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The origin for the name of our wine business is a respectful nod to the famous chickens of France, ‘Poulet de Bresse’ and what they represent – artisan production using traditional, age-old methods. Bress was initially established as a sustainable winery, vineyard, cider orchard, kitchen and market garden, run using the biodynamic farming practices developed in the 1920s by Rudolph Steiner, producing its own compost and mulching to build up organic matter in the soil, retain soil moisture and improve soil vitality and plant health.

In June 2020, the former owner of Bress sold the business to Tim Robertson and Chris McCormack. Tim is a local vigneron and businessman. He and his wife Di, own their own wine label (Lome) and a vineyard just around the corner from where the Bress vineyard existed. Chris, who worked at Bress for 4 years prior to joining forces with Tim to acquire the business has significant experience with Bress, its products, philosophy and operations as well as many industry contacts in Victoria.

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