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170 Englishs Road , Goornong, VIC 3557
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In 2011 we grew out of our current kitchen with the mounds of olives and so the outlet and conservatory were built where the garage and old carport stood. A sterilizing oven was installed with sinks and heaps of bench space for the harvests and the processing of olives.

We now have perfected our olive pickling, oils, olive products and various preserves, a range that we sell at markets, our local information centres and at our farm gate outlet here in Goornong.

Bridgeward Grove is a story of rural Australia, a long standing farming family combined with a long standing theatrical and arts family and what this truly means. Bridgeward Grove is a destination, which has been created by its custodians Peter and Julie Howard, who have lived on the property for the past 35 years.

During that time they have made their livelihood from its bounty, raised a family and developed the property into the oasis of produce and creative activity that it is today, and they want to share it with the rest of the world.

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