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Buckshot Vineyard is a family operated and owned winery based in Heathcote, Australia.

Heathcote is an amazing place to grow grapes: Long warm days & cool , clear nights provide a perfect climate for wines with spice and elegance. 

We strive to create distinctive Heathcote reds that reflect the soil in which they come from.

Our wines show intense varietal aromas and flavours, balanced weight and mouthfeel, and a long silky finish. 

We produce 2 red wines – a shiraz from a distinct 5 acre patch and a Zinfandel from a tiny 1 acre plot. Both vines are planted in the famous 500 million year old Cambrian quartz and ironstone soil of Heathcote.

 “Buckshot” is a colonial expression describing ironstone pebbles that riddle the soil.

These pebbles allow root penetration and water retention while promoting good drainage. Buckshot soils, along with Heathcote’s low rainfall, warm days and cool nights provide the perfect environment to grow these varieties. As a result, the mature vines naturally produce small crops of 2 to 2.5 tons to the acre.

 We established Buckshot Vineyard in1999. At that time, Rob had 6 vintages experience at Rutherglen, the first in1993 with the legendary Mick Morris, then weekend vintages with a smaller, quality focused winery. This experience, along with Rob’s 15 years at Domaine Chandon (commercial role) have equipped us to follow our dream of producing seriously good Heathcote reds. All vintages have received critical acclaim.

Please enjoy our wines with fine food and good friends!

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