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Secret Platypus
19 Main St
Bridgewater 3516

Loddon Visitor Information Centre
24 Wilson St
Wedderburn 3518

Bolton St Deli
120 Bolton St
Eltham 3095

The Organic Warehouse
1013 Mt Alexander Rd
Essendon 3040

Romsey Community Co-Op
126 Main St
Romsey 3434

Bulleen Art & Garden
6 Manningham Rd W
Bulleen 3105

Our story

Being on our beautiful farm, we are so in awe of all the wondrous plants, how they grow, what they produce and seeing the cycle of change with every season. Nature has already done most of the work.

We take a minimalist approach when making our products- simple is infinitely better. We won’t compromise on quality and what you see is what you get- there are no hidden ingredients and no harmful practices that could harm the environment or ourselves. All our products are made using traditional methods with scientific innovation.

Our farm is certified organic and we adhere to sustainable farming practices using no chemical processing and resulting in almost zero waste. The plants are hand-harvested with no damage to the plants. Almost all parts of the plants are used to produce unique, innovative and eco-conscious products. Packaging is minimal and recyclable and all ingredients are 100% cruelty-free.

We are NASAA certified organic as we respect our earth, ensuring its healthy future. As an extension to this, it is important to show our world to you and as such we have regular farm tours where you are able to see and understand up close what it is that we do. For those who have not been to the farm but share the passion for our products, we are at several farmers markets every week around Victoria and it is a real pleasure for us to connect with our customers on a personal level.

The main plant we grow on the farm is the prickly pear cactus and we are often told that it is “good you are doing something with a pest plant”. To this we say, yes every plant has it’s importance but the species of prickly pear that we grow is the Opuntia ficus indica, which is NOT listed as a pest.

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