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I’m Hayley and I’m the baker/maker behind Flavour + Heart

I’m a passionate self-taught baker and for me cooking is stress relief – it’s relaxing, it’s fulfilling and it makes me incredibly happy. I’m constantly hungry, I’m absolutely useless at following recipes and I can’t watch cooking shows without screaming at the TV

I was put on this earth to cook. (and eat)

Why macarons? because macarons are never boring – I love the fact that one little thing can be challenging and temperamental but at the same time be beautiful and ridiculously delicious.

The first time I ate one I was instantly transfixed so I decided to try making them – and it was an absolute disaster. My frustration was quickly replaced with a determination to make them perfectly and that’s how Flavour + Heart was born.

My goal with Flavour + Heart has and always will be to feed people a little something special that will make them smile. And make them want to buy 20 more….

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