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Lot 2 Bendigo-Tennyson Road , Huntly North, Victoria 3551
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Grower Collective Bendigo (growercollectice.com.au) (Launching within the next few weeks, not currently online) – This an online local producer distribution company, run by Huntly Organics and Hillcrest Orchards. It provides a direct marketed, producer led, small scale wholesale and box delivery service from a number of local producers to Bendigo homes and stores.

Bendigo Organics – Our range of salad and micros.

Bendigo Wholefoods – Our range of salad and micros.

Farmers markets

Bendigo Community Farmers Market – Weekly & Monthly
Castlemaine Farmers Market – Weekly & Monthly

Our story

Huntly Organics is an intensive market garden based in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. We grow a diverse range of food crops, primarily annual vegetables, using natural, chemical free practices and a focus on building healthy, living soil. Our well loved specialty products include the Huntly Organics Seasonal Salad Mix & Rainbow Microgreen Mix. We aim to expand to include small scale heritage grain production, fruit trees, berries and native Australian food crops in production over the next several years. Our overarching mission is to prove that when it comes to agriculture; it doesn’t  need to be bigger, it just needs to be better.

Huntly Organics started out with Jordan & Emma as Aotearoa Market Garden in our little sister country of New Zealand on just a half acre. The aim was to produce a meaningful amount of healthy food, intensively on a small leased block of land; all the while actively sequestering carbon and nurturing a healthy living soil in the growing space. We’re happy to say that this goal was met with enormous success.

Fast forward 5 years, and we are located on our own 12 acre farm in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. We produce a variety of different crops seasonally, and have become a household name in Bendigo for freshness, taste and sustainable practices.

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