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2337 Heathcote - Rochester Road , Colbinabbin, VIC 3559
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We spent our childhood on farms and have a genuine love for the land and the way of life.

In 1981 we began wheat and sheep farming at Corop in north central Victoria. We started with basic machinery, quality soil and plenty of enthusiasm. In 1982 we ventured into growing tomatoes. The fact that we did not have experience in this form of horticulture was given only passing concern.

In 2001, while still growing tomatoes and cereals, we were fortunate to purchase land on the Mount Camel Range. This land has been prized for cereal cropping and in later years much sought after for grape production.

We planted the first Shiraz vines in 2002 and the first vintage was produced in 2005. We are thrilled with the quality of this wine and the feedback we have received. Winemakers Glen Hayley and our son Gerard Kennedy craft our wine.  Ben Rose, through his expert viticulture advice helped us to establish the vineyard into an enterprise producing well sought after grapes. In 2011 we were fortunate to be able to employ the services of Barney Tuohey to manage our vineyard. His work is impeccable and the vineyard continues to improve under his care. Our daughter Anna & son Gerard keep a close eye on our sales in Melbourne and help with promotions.

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