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Australia’s established producer of quality smallgoods since 1911

KR Castlemaine has a rich heritage in Australia, producing in country Victoria for over 100 years. KR Castlemaine’s heritage encompasses rural landscapes, hard work and dedication to quality products, our customers and consumers. It all started over 100 years ago, when two small Australian smallgoods businesses, Darling Downs Bacon Cooperative Company Limited and Castlemaine Bacon Company, successfully took their products from local favourites to nation-wide recognition and availability. In 2003, these established purveyors in quality smallgoods merged to form KR Castlemaine. With a proud century-long legacy, we maintain our belief that in order to make the most out of something, you have to ‘keep it simple’. Our commitment is to satisfying our consumers with great tasting, premium quality smallgoods that are still being produced at Castlemaine in country Victoria. The KR Castlemaine brand has a rich heritage in Australia, beginning with the introduction of KR brand of hams and bacon back in 1911. Today the KR Castlemaine brand spans across smallgoods and fresh pork production. Our range of smallgoods includes ham, bacon, salami, frankfurts and other continental products, all crafted in our state-of-the-art facility at Castlemaine.

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