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9 Walker Street , The Mill Castlemaine, Victoria 3450
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Long Paddock Cheese shop at The Mill Castlemaine
Winespeake, Daylesford
Harvest, Bendigo
The Cheese Society, Geelong
Maker & Monger, Melbourne
Ripe Cheese, Melbourne
Harper & Blohm, Melbourne
Penny’s Cheese Shop, Sydney

Our story

Long Paddock Cheese is a small-scale artisan cheesemaker based at The Mill Castlemaine. A partnership between French and Australian cheese experts, we make and sell a range of delicious high-quality artisan cheeses and fresh dairy products from certified-organic cow’s milk sourced from a family-run dairy farm, ripened to perfection and beautifully presented. We also run The Cheese School where we hold classes in professional artisan cheesemaking, as well as training for cheesemongers, regulators, home cheesemakers and cheeselovers.

The Long Paddock Cheese shop at The Mill Castlemaine is open 9.30am-4.30pm Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.

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