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Our vision at Murray Gums Estate is to implement the best possible growing practices in which to produce the highest quality fruit.

Situated on the banks of Australia’s most iconic river system, the Murray River, Murray Gums Estate is comprised of two vineyard sites established in 2004 – ‘Block 1’ planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and ‘Block 2’ planted to Chardonnay. The rows run east-west, providing more shade and reducing the impact of any heatwave bursts during Summer.

The land along Murray Gums Estate is flat with powdery loam overlaying a deep clay sub-soil. A long, slow-ripening period and continental climate are characteristics of the Perricoota Region.

Murray Gums Estate is a relative newcomer to the Perricoota Wine Growing Region, but we don’t see this as a disadvantage, more so an advantage. We are not restrained by the traditional mindset and can go about implementing quality driven practices throughout the vineyard.

ROW 50 is clear evidence of our approach to producing low yields and improving flavour intensity within our Cabernet Sauvignon block. The vines are subject to water stress, bunch thinned during veraison and an emphasis placed on uniform vigour and maturity.

As a member of the Perricoota Wine Growers Association, Murray Gums Estate is dedicated to showcasing what this unique wine growing region has to offer. Murray Gums Estate is not open to the public.

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