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Sandhurst Ridge was founded by brothers who’d grown up with wine – making it and enjoying it as a natural part of living in a large immigrant Italian family.

The Greblos had owned vineyards outside Trieste in Northern Italy, until forced to abandon them when the borders changed after World War II.

The move to the rural town of Bendigo, Victoria didn’t stop Papa Theo from making wine, and his sons grew up with a love for the grape and a knowledge of the winemaking craft.

In 1989, they planted the Sandhurst Ridge vineyard on the western side of a line of hills on the western fringe of Bendigo, and are now producing richly-flavoured fruit with very fine tannins.

George is vineyard manager and meticulously tends to the vines and soil management, while Paul is the winemaker, creating distinctive and memorable wines which reflect the soils, climate and care behind them.

At the end of the day they both thoroughly enjoy the fruit of their labours.

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