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Planted in 1975 by Gordon Leckie senior, the next generation of the Leckie family continue to produce outstanding wine from their boutique vineyard on She-Oak Hill in the acclaimed Heathcote Wine Region.

She-Oak Hill Vineyard is located on the western side of the Northern Highway, five kilometres north of the township of Heathcote in the heart of the Heathcote Region on the narrow band of Cambrian soil renown for its production of premium fruit. The wine made from our fruit reflects both our unique terroir and the traditional viticultural practices employed

The vineyard was planted  in the spring of 1975 by pioneering Heathcote wine grower, Gordon Leckie Senior, with the help of all members of his family. Along with Mt Ida,  Huntleigh and Jasper Hill,  She-Oak Hill was one of the pioneering vineyards in the region.

Gordon’s family added to the original vineyard with a further planting of Shiraz and Chardonnay in 1996.  These dry grown vines have gone on to establish deep roots in the mineral rich Cambrian soil, and with extensive use of straw mulching and careful crop management, the vines produce  a relatively low yield of premium fruit.

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