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Megan and Chris first met in 2008 in Alice Springs NT, Chris on a 12 month holiday in Australia and Megan exploring the rugged heart of Australia. Not long after meeting they worked together at Andado station where they often saw camels roaming wild. They were fascinated by the beauty of the Camels and would often watch them for hours. It was during this time that Chris and Megan started to dream of starting their own Camel Milk Dairy….. A couple of years later they moved to Victoria to dairy farm with Megan’s parents. Megan and Chris were married in 2011, and in the next few years they brought three beautiful healthy country boys into the world. Megan says “having been brought up working on a Dairy farm, and then falling in love with Camels, it seemed like a perfect match for us to start up a Camel Milk Dairy….:” In late 2014 they established the Camel Milk Victoria business. It started with the arrival of just three camels on their newly purchased 107 acre block in Northern Victoria. Jess and her 1 year old calf Marilyn and a cunning 2.5 year old named Katana. These few camels not only taught Megan and Chris about the boundaries of a camel – the dos and the don’ts and the stubbornness; but it also taught them about the love of these magnificent animals. With this knowledge they designed and built Victoria’s first ever Camel Dairy. By early 2015 Megan and Chris had truly pioneered the way – sustainably farming the land and milking their camels along side their babies. They were officially the first licensed Camel Dairy in Victoria.

Where we are Today

As the demand for fresh camel milk grew so did the farm. The years following brought regular purchases of wild camels and the beautiful births of baby camels. To cater for the growing business they also built new yards and housing for 150 camels. By the end of 2016, Megan and Chris had tripled their staff and had all but outgrown their 107 acre farm block. With the strong demand for fresh milk and other camel milk products, they put their farm on the market to make their biggest step yet – moving to a 480 acre farm and building a new automatic 5 aside double up walk through Camel Dairy which still allowed mother and baby to be together. And with this high demand and global interest, Chris and Megan recognised that their once small family business had outgrown the Camel Milk Victoria brand and renamed the business to The Camel Milk Co Australia. It has already been an incredible journey for Megan and Chris but the biggest and most exciting steps are still ahead of them as the benefits of Camel Milk become more and more recognised within Australia and around the world. All milk is pasteurised on farm and is distributed throughout Australia and selected countries around the world. In addition to fresh Camel Milk, they have Camel Milk soaps, lip balms, body butters, liquid soaps and powdered milk.

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