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The original Good Loaf Sourdough Bakery and Cafe is housed within the uniquely transformed and heritage-listed former Beaurepaires building in the centre of the Bendigo CBD.  In addition to providing a welcoming and inclusive place for people of all backgrounds, we are dedicated to contributing to our local community.  We value people, relationships and the environment and live by these values to provide a wholesome product that is created within a sustainable manner, we can be proud of.

Now also operating from our second sister cafe at Monash Rural Health in Mercy Street Bendigo, we believe the true purpose of a bakery and cafe is far more than coffee and bread, and much more than just the building that houses it.  We are here to be your delightful escape, your solution to hunger and to provide a delicious product to share with your family and friends.

Did you know that every loaf of sourdough takes 2-3 days to prepare? Owner Laurie Whelan is so devoted to his craft that each loaf, roll, baguette, bun or cob is carefully moulded and lovingly baked, ensuring the highest quality and consistency.  Laurie and his baking team regularly seek the highest industry critique, striving for excellence.  The Good Loaf has won numerous awards each year since opening from the Baking Association of Australia.

Our products have developed a cult following in their own right; just ask a local about our Pumpkin Bloomer or our Corn Tin, our Seedy Sourdough or Classic Ciabatta. When eating our bread at home we love simplicity; a fresh loaf with classic butter and spread is true happiness.

We believe our bread is exceptional and so do the local chefs and cafes that we supply.  Look for our products on the menus of the best eateries, and make sure to ask if they use ‘Good Loaf’ when you order to avoid disappointment.

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