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Our story started more than two decades ago with a small batch of experimental mead, fermenting in a glass demijohn under the loft stairs. The mead was made from locally sourced honey, using an old recipe from our current meadmakers’ grandmother. The result was amazing: a golden honeyed nectar with the distinctive nutty, woody flavour of River Redgum honey.

Tasting the potential of this delicious drop, pioneering meadmaker and co-founder of The Old School Winery, Frits Massee, decided to take it to the next level. The glass demijohn under the stairs was soon replaced by a shed filled with oak barrels and small stainless steel tanks as Frits brought the techniques of modern small-batch, artisan wine production  to the ancient, almost mystical craft of meadmaking. He established one of the first meaderies in Australia to explore and develop the potential of Australia’s unique honey varieties.

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