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411 Heathcote-Rochester Road , Mount Camel, VIC 3523
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Vinea Marson is a small, family owned and operated winery in the heart of Heathcote in Central Victoria.

Our inspiration stems from Mario’s Italian heritage – Mario’s grandfather made Friulano, Cabernet and Merlot and his great-grandfather was chief winemaker for the local padrone. His father, Giuseppe, planted rows of vines in their Melbourne backyard to bring Italian wine to the dinner table each night. Making wine and serving it with plentiful Italian food was a Marson way of life.

Mario and Helen together with their daughters, Laura, Madeleine and Emily, embarked upon their own journey – establishing Vinea Marson. Since 2000 the Marson family have cultivated vines in the ancient soils of Heathcote with dedication and passion, bringing premium quality wine to tables in Australia and overseas.

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